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  • Responsiveness
  • Relationships
  • Results

Our Company Goals

  • Build Quality Employees for Hire
  • Build Quality Client Relationships
  • Build a Quality Human Talent Acquisition Center
Our Capabilities

Human Talent Acquisition


Your best option, WOSB subcontracting credit. SDC becomes a Subcontractor on your contract providing its staff and you get the markup. In exchange for positions on your contract, SDC supplies personnel for you and other team partners on the contract at a competitive rate. Your contract stays staffed!


Candidates supplied for 90 – 180 days for straight out salary plus our lower than industry fee. Not a good fit? Try another. A good fit equates to a new permanent employee!


Candidates become your employee immediately through an intense SDC pre-qualification and interviewing process with both the client and the candidate so you can build your team quickly, the first time!

Our Clients

Performance Excellence

Information Sciences Consulting, Inc. (ISCI)

A CVE Certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

"Information Sciences Consulting, Inc. (ISCI)"

ISCI is a leading IT solutions integrator focused on using information and technology to solve real world problems for Federal, state, and local Government organizations they serve. Their Information Solutions, Professional Services, Information Assurance, IoT Cyber Security and Training experts apply the latest technologies and industry methodologies to project management, analytical problems, personnel training and force structure, healthcare, and education challenges.

American Motorcycle Training, Inc.(AMT)

A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

"American Motorcycle Training, Inc.(AMT)"

AMT is a company dedicated to providing veterans employment opportunities while working with our military and civilian students alike. They have trained over 100,000 students over the past 17 years providing the best training for safe and enjoyable riding. Their various training courses cover on and off-highway riding and driving, from basic to advanced levels as well as multi-purpose vehicle training such as dirt bike, 4 wheel, and specialty vehicle training. AMT uses both classroom and range training for the fundamentals and hands-on practice to learn vehicle characteristics, dynamics of rider and bike movement and the proper use of speed and braking. Because of AMT’s excellent instruction in safety on the road, lives of riders are saved every day!

American Management Group, LLC (AMG)

A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Enterprise Shared Services Company

"American Management Group, LLC (AMG)"

AMG is an Enterprise Shared Services company specializing in providing back office support to operating companies. Their expertise includes Finance & Accounting, Information Technology Support, Human Resources, Business Development and Contracts Management. With AMG handling the important minutia of a business, focused attention by the corporate and program professionals stays on the management of contracts and revenue producing activities.

DJW Consulting JV, LLC

An SBA approved 8(a) Joint Venture

"DJW Consulting JV, LLC"

DJW Consulting JV, LLC (DJW) is the result of two successful companies joining forces in skill sets and credentials. The owners of this joint venture have been long term partners in government contracting for over 22 years and decided to create this 8(a) federal contracting company. Together, they combined their skills and experience to create DJW to satisfy requirements of federal contracting 8(a) opportunities. They provide services to federal agencies through high level Administrative talent as well as IT talent.


An SBA approved 8(a) Joint Venture


SircoIT is a joint venture that has a focus in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) providing administrative and technical talent in support of the FAA and their clients. Intimately familiar with SCA (Service Contract Act) contracting and employees, this company capability covers a large area of skillset and talent required by several particular Federal government needs.


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SDC’s culture is to build relationships through Talent Acquisition and Talent Management. Our employees - past and present, know that they have a relationship reach-back with us next week, next month, next year! We personally and consistently follow you from the start of your employment through your entire career!

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