Direct Acquisition

Acquiring qualified talent can be an arduous task for any organization. The competitive landscape of today’s contingent workforce makes it difficult to find and attract the most qualified candidates during the brief time period when they may be available and looking for new opportunities. As such, direct access to talent is essential for companies attempting to attract better and manage contingent workers.

With Solutions Development Center, companies plug into a talent pool of highly qualified, pre-vetted resources, many of whom have been engaged on other assignments by SDC. Companies gain access to the powerful Talent Pool Management database to accelerate the sourcing and engagement of these talented workers for their long- and short-term project needs. 

Using Direct Acquisition as a strategy, you can establish a careful screening process to weed out the less qualified candidates and ensure only developers with the skills, experience, and personality to best support your organization move forward toward an interview. This will help you control the quality of candidates and reduce the chances of making a hiring mistake.